Dartrader and Greedland reach strategic cooperation

According to official information, Dartrader and Greedland have reached a strategic cooperation. Greedland is bringing the most innovative idea of Web3 to integrate the traditional and passionate football world into NFT. When the World Cup is coming, Greedland released David ‘CUP NFT to commemorate the first football feast after COVID-19. The joint NFT combines the traditional classical aesthetic elements with the modern style, and interprets the rise of the Renaissance in the era of encryption art, the vigorous weather after the epidemic, and the quadrennial football craze with a new concept.


DARTrader is an NFT trading platform created by DART team. It has rich global first-class artist resources, as well as super large and landmark IP cooperation channels. It has jointly operated multiple top-level IPs with national museums/art institutions.

It is understood that Greedland, DARTrader and CNB will jointly release a NFT focusing on WEB3 rewards – VOUCHER NFT. It has no commercial purpose or benefit, but only to help more WEB3 project sponsors quickly get more community attention to consolidate the development foundation, and participants can get some tokens and other rewards in return.

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