As the outbreak and Ukraine, war continued, the global geopolitical and geo-economic will face unprecedented volatility and disaster, as the Internet, blockchain, such as the high-speed development of science and technology, the world’s information transparency will gradually clear, under this big change in one thousand, the world’s order will be a major change, geopolitical broken will be the first on the agenda.

Door Block DAO, or DBD for short, is an investment incubator DAO organization jointly initiated by Capital Advisors (RBR), the largest hedge fund in Switzerland, and several senior people in the field of philosophy, technology, and economy. The DBD team believes that:

If geopolitics wants to break the game, it needs to attract talents, and if it wants to attract talents, it needs to keep opening up. In this way, geopolitics should tilt towards freedom and provide a good enough living and business environment to attract talents from all over the world. At this time, the interests of people in the Web world will form a new “tribe” Web world. When the traffic is gathered, new economic rules and financial order will be formed for the industries related to interests and hobbies.

Led by this advanced understanding, DBD targets the DAO.

DAO stands for “decentralized autonomous organization” — it refers to an Internet community that has emerged around a cryptocurrency project or a common financial goal. It is important to note that while DBD already has DAO, the DBD’s DAO is not managed by the DBD team, and theirs only provides the initial funding to start the DAO.

DBD’s choice of DAO means that through such an organizational form, collective intelligence can be fully utilized to assist the work, and DAO members carry out ecological governance through voting. In this organizational form, DAO members can express their opinions and make decisions through voting.

Again, this also means that the governance efficiency, DAO blockchain technology as a cornerstone, blockchain technology especially in the point-to-point connections, to trust, transparency, and intelligent contracts for features, greatly reduces the management cost, to avoid the risk of moral hazard and adverse selection problem formation, the strong organization ability, let the scattered individual efficient working towards a goal.

It can be the best or the worst of times. The historical development is rolling forward. Today, we have reached the draught of great change. Under the changing background, DBD will always hold a friendly attitude and actively explore new things. DBD will also continue to adhere to the web.3 models and make explorations in Metaverse, NFT, DAO autonomy, and other fields. DBD will give DAO members more autonomy rights and build a more fair and democratic autonomy model. Break out of geopolitics and be the first proponent of new financial models.

By Johnson

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